I support and accompany my clients to help them tackle difficulties and setbacks in life, overcome hurdles and find their own way.

These can be difficulties or dissatisfaction concerning




work or people at work

childhood experiences


Setbacks in life

(depression, burnout etc.)

life crisis
(e.g. feelings of abandonment, loneliness, excessive demands or a lack of meaning in life)

job loss

death of a close person


Finding one's own way means

getting to know and appreciate oneself

learning to recognise one’s behavioural patterns and influences and, if desired, developing new courses of action

discovering one's personal values

discovering one's calling and mission in life


High sensitivity: another focal point

Sensitive people are also an important part of my work: Highly sensitive individuals often feel a strong desire to be different, i.e. “to be like other people”, and sometimes feel uncomfortable in their own bodies or struggle with them. Although the topic of high sensitivity has become more prominent in the media in recent years, many are still unaware that they are not alone, making up 20% of the population.

Those affected can learn strategies to take better care of themselves and to distance themselves and protect themselves better. In addition, they can learn to recognise the advantages and the potential of this characteristic and to use it to their advantage.

Possible goals of our work together

Regain your health

Achieve greater stability

Learn to overcome blocks, crises and conflicts in your personal or professional life

Improve communication in your relationship or at work

Achieve greater quality of life and life satisfaction

Become more independent

Improve your self-confidence and self-esteem

Clear up any unfinished business

Recognise behavioural patterns



I am a certified psychotherapist recognised by the basic insurance of the Swiss health insurance companies. In order to be billed accordingly, you will need a ‘referral for psychological psychotherapy’ from your doctor before your first appointment. There are no formalities for self-payers and the following rate applies.


CHF 150