My working methods

My approach is body-centred, meaning that my work frequently focuses on the body. I will often ask my clients to describe their current sensations and how the change that has just occurred in them feels, fully aware that, after years of mental work and development of the will, it is not easy to feel exactly what is going on inside one’s body—and that is where things really happen:

  • Our experiences leave traces in our bodies

    Everything that we experience in our lives is stored in our cells. This can manifest itself, for example, as blockages, tension and pain. Wanting to get rid of pain without understanding its message is seldom possible without chemicals and would rob us of the opportunity for personal development. Many people wish to return to their former state without considering that their former attitudes and behaviour patterns are what led to their current state of health.

  • Creating new tracks

    My work consists in supporting you in your development by creating new bodily experiences through various exercises. Ultimately, it is our body that promptly tells us what is good or bad for us and that seeks to remove us from negative situations. Unfortunately, however, we have learnt to ignore the messages that our body gives us.

Feeling instead of thinking

The exercises include physical and breathing exercises (e.g. meditation and mindfulness exercises), work with chairs (“gestalt dialogue”, also used in family therapy), and work with the imagination or the “inner child”. I adapt the techniques to each individual client as different people are receptive via different channels.

Letting go of influences and ingrained beliefs

Conversation is an important part of our work as it allows us to reflect on the exercises or situations experienced and to develop new strategies for future behaviour. The work on oneself also offers an opportunity to reassess and challenge the views, values and attitudes that we have unconsciously adopted from other people (often our parents) and that are hindering us today and that are possibly even the root of our illness.

Insight is the first step to change!

…even if change is not as easy as expected. That’s why it is advisable to have someone to accompany you; someone with whom you can discuss your progress or failures and to give you the courage you need to continue your journey.